Welcome to my Geocaching puzzle splash page.

I created this site to host geocaching puzzles that might not be allowed to host on their website. This isn't for helping people to solve puzzles, yet, but more just about my puzzles. I have set up a Minesweeper game that you will have to beat in order to get the coordinates for the actual location of the geocache. I also created a maze that you have to go threw to win the coordinates, and get back your missing Vortex Manipulator. There is still a lot of work to be done on them, like finding locations for the caches and getting permission. Hopefully though within a month we can have them placed, get permission from the county(HINT!), and have them published on the website.

This is the first one that I totally made myself. I used Twine to make it. Twine is a storyboard type programming tool that was desinged so that people can write their own "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories. These books are becoming rare. I will provide links to this maze type puzzle when the cache is finalized. It may not even need to be hosted here if the Geocaching website will allow the code.

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